Family trip to Escape Theme Park, iPad day!


When I first set foot at Escape Theme Park earlier in the year (for a company's teambuilding session), I immediately knew that the park will be an awesome place to spend quality time with my family. The park main attraction is the Monkey Business. Monkey Business has 3 levels of rope courses (the height increases from one level to the other) where you can learn to climb and learn to balance your body (mind and soul included). You can clearly see the demanding rope course from the main entrance. I'll bet some visitor will turn their back and head back home upon seeing the daunting Monkey Business's rope course...hahah..

But, at that time, I believed that the park might not be suitable for small and young children. To be on platforms 10 or 15 feets above ground balancing your body (and balancing your mind) while on a single wire stretched between platforms and zip lining from tree to tree is not for the young children (and not suitable for the faint hearted adult as well). Yes, everyone will be tethered via harnesses, but I will not allow my 5 and 9 years old children (even if they meet the minimum 120cm height requirement) to have a go at Monkey Business. It will be too nerve wrecking for me.

When the park introduced Monkey School in November 2013, which is a scaled down version of Monkey Business to specifically cater for young children, I thought to myself that now will be the suitable time to introduce Escape to my family. We decided to go on 25th Dec, roughly 3 weeks after my eldest son had his surgery. We reached the park at 9:15 in the morning. Entrance fee was RM45 for children and RM60 for adult. Do check out Escape's webpage and Facebook for advertised special rate. I did not notice any ATM machine around. Do bring along enough money because you'll need them to buy food and beverage inside the park, and they are not cheap. No outside food or drink allowed inside the park. Below was the sort of money that you need to cough up to have a meal in the park.

The first place that we head to was of course Monkey School. There were 2 rope courses, one coloured in blue and the other in orange. I noticed that the orange one was a bit trickier to navigate through based from my observation on both of my sons and the other children there. 

My eldest son took to the rope courses like fish in water. It came naturally for him.

My youngest son on the other hand, was a bit scared in the first place. It took him awhile to gain some courage. Seeing his elder brother zipping through the course safely, helped him to overcome his initial fear. We assisted him a lot initially, but by the end of the day he was zipping through on his own. A good place to build character and courage.

Below is a video on how my two sons navigating through the rope courses.

My eldest son was getting so good at Monkey School, I even allowed him on Monkey Business. But, it was only for Level 1. I will not allow him on other levels...not yet. He was calm, even though he kept on saying how terrified he was later on. Something to talk to his friend when the school reopens in January.

How high was Level 1? Let the picture of my wife attempting Level 1 do all the talking.

My boys had a go at other "rides" as well. They went into "Foxy Burrow". Navigating through totally dark maze with only a torchlight on hand. Parent need not worry, you can view your children's progress in the dark maze through the TV monitor. There are a few escape doors for the children to go out if they panicked.  

Judging from their smiling faces, I guessed that they had a blast inside the Foxy Burrow.

Next was Zoom Bugs. I wish that the park can make a version for adult because it looks like fun racing on the course on those Zoom Bugs.

Next was the Gecko Tower. A good place to test your children's climbing skills. My eldest had a go and managed to reach half distance. 

There were many other attractions on the ground. My wife had a chance to go down on the Tubby Racer. One hell of a ride she said.

Tots Trail. That was another one for the children. It was an enclosed obstacle course. No harness needed. Plenty of courage required..haha..

Even though we went there early and went back home at 6 in the evening, we did miss the opportunity to go on a few other "rides". We were spending a lot of our times at Monkey School. Well, the trip was for our sons, as long as they were having a blast, it will definitely bring smile to us parent as well. 

So, that was our family trip to Escape. We had fun, tonnes of it! That will not be our last trip there for sure. 

By the way, there is a surau within the park compound. Jadi jangan bagi alasan tak boleh sembahyang pulak yer. 

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  1. Menarik nampaknya.. sekali masuk banyak aktiviti boleh sertai. Tengok muka adam dan asyraf tu nampak seronok je, berbaloi rm45..

    1. Memang menarik....lain dari yg lain...adam ngan asyraf suka sangat!

  2. WAH!!! Best jugak tpt nie. Next time kalau ke Penang boleh singgah. Thanks for sharing

  3. looks really good.....suitable for family trip.
    Must go....

  4. Hi! Found this to be a highly informative post, thanks for that!

    Just wondering, though: are the tickets purchasable on the day itself at the park or must it be done online beforehand?

    1. Hi, thank you for the compliment.
      You can buy the ticket on the day itself at the park. No need to do it online.
      I recommend that you go early to avoid long queue at the ticketing counter.


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